Shelley L. Patterson
Certified Trainer in the John Lyon's Method of Conditioned Response Training
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Horse Boarding, Stall Rentals in SW Ranches
This barn is an excellent place for beginner horse owners who want guidance in responsible horse care and humane training or for current horse owners who want the best for their horses. Rescue horses are welcome! MORE INFO

Horsemanship Training for People and Horses by Shelley L. Patterson
Humane training for horses and their owners. Specializing in rehabilitation of rescue horses. Sessions for anyone interested in learning more about horses,
including current owners who want to change their outlook on horse training.
Helping your horse deal with its anxiety. Fixing issues like leading, passing through gates, accepting wormers, picking hooves, accepting the bit & bridle, saddling, standing at the mounting block and more. MORE INFO

Sponsor a Rescue Horse Program
Do you love horses? Are you ready to come back to them? Or do you want to get started and don't know how? Sponsor a rescue horse. $600 per month with minimum 2 month commitment. Covers care and feeding with free training for the horse and you! At the end of 2 months you may adopt the horse finding a loving companion, or you will have helped a rescued horse to receive care and training giving it the best chance of finding a forever home. SW Ranches FL. All ages and abilities welcome. shelley@lunaslegacyranch.com

Training and Events
Offering events and training designed to create a better world for horses by keeping them out of dangerous or "at risk" situations through education, training and preparation for their owners and handlers.

How I Found My Village by Rehabilitating Horses
An article by Shelley L. Patterson



Equine Training and Events


Nothing scheduled at this time.

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Shelley L. Patterson shelley@lunaslegacyranch.com 305.495.2486